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Marshmallows & “Marleyisms”

Yesterday morning, Marley woke up and came into our bedroom. She crawled up into bed with me and we had the following short but completely hilarious conversation:

“Good morning, Mo! Did you sleep okay?”


“Did you have any good dreams?”

“No. I didn’t have ANY dreams.”

(Uh. Ok?) “You didn’t have ANY dreams?”

“No.” (duh.) “I am a vampire and vampires do not have dreams.”

“Oh. They don’t?”

“No. Well, maybe at the daytime they do– only when they nap.”

There you have it, folks. Marleyism #789257489572947592 : “Vampires do not dream.” (Well, at least not at night.)


A few moments ago, I was rocking Marley & Killian in the recliner. I had just nursed Killian to sleep and was enjoying some Marley snuggles before hopping up to make us a snack.

 “Mommy– do you hear that SOUND!?”. When I told her that I didn’t, she explained further “it’s kind of a… plunky sound”.

“Nope.. I’m sorry, I don’t hear it.” I stopped rocking & tried to listen past the Doodlebops on tv.

(She says…. wait for it…. she, her in ‘matter of fact Marley way’ tells me accusingly…..)

“Well, it must be because YOU aren’t a vampire!”

I nearly woke Killian up laughing!!! It turns out she was hearing a ride on toy that I had under my foot as it slid 2 inches  back & forth on the floor as I rocked. It was the quietest sound, but that’s pretty typical for Mo, lol!

(Marleyism #789257489572947593: “Vampires have exceptional hearing.”)

After I put Killian down, Marley asked for some marshmallows. (Lunch was a fruit plate with a side of crunch a.k.a chips, so it didn’t surprise me that she needed some ‘squish’!)

I remembered a small egg crate decoration I picked up at our local craft store this Spring but never did use. It has 9 cavities and is meant to hold small treats/baked goods. I placed a jumbo marshmallow into each spot and then grabbed food color markers from my cake pantry. I placed pink O’s & purple X’s on them and brought them out to Marley.

I explained Tic-Tac-Toe and she chose to be the pink O’s. We played one round and as she ate them we talked about ‘same’ & ‘different’ comparing the marshmallows with the O’s to those with the X’s. She’s now ripping the napkin to bits and talking me through a game of ‘buy my (imaginary) candy out of this thing’, lol!

Eyeing the Noms

The 'Tic' in her Tic-Tac-Toe!

"The name of the game is 'i win'!"

The winning line up 😉

X's are delicious.

"Vegetarian Vampires LOVE marshmallows." (She also loves that you can see her 'sharp teeth' in this one!)


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  1. That is super creative! Love it ❤ And hahha I love her sharp teeth!

  2. That’s so cute!

    And thanks for leaving me comments! 🙂

  3. loving the marleyisms! very creative with the tic tac toe marshmellows:)


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