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“I mean, I probably wouldn’t kidnap a screaming kid….”

Oh goodness…. today…. well, yesterday…. (Friday)….

Today was my day to pick Chloë up at the bus stop to begin her week with us and since she goes to school near Kohl’s, I figured it would be a great day to grab some clothes for Mo. (Ben handed me $20 in Kohls’ Cash the other night when he surprised me with a breadmaker.)

I had to run by Mo’s counselor to grab her office notes for our visit to Kennedy Krieger on Wednesday, so I stopped by on my way to pick up Chloë. After we got Chloë off the bus at 3:15, we drove by our awesome pediatrician’s office where I ran in to pick up their records on Marley. After a quick stop by Wendy’s to cash in a coupon I had for a free burger (read: cheap 3:30pm lunch for Mommy), we ran by Sally’s beauty to grab my hair dye and I let the girls each get a clip in extension (Chloë picked red, Mo picked blue.) and then we headed to Kohl’s.

I had explained to Marley that we need to get her some clothes that fit and are comfy, especially with our trip coming up.

Once inside, we grabbed some socks & underthings for Chloë, a shirt on an end rack for me (that I have yet to even try on, lol!) and went back towards the girl’s section.

Let’s just say, I love Kohl’s, but finding clothing for a little girl without some obnoxious amount of glitter/bejeweling/beads/etc. is nearly impossible.

I managed to find 3 shirts that fit the criteria on outward appearances and we all headed to the fitting room. Chloë and Mo went in and I told Marley that I would need to see the shirts if they fit. It wasn’t long before she began throwing them out under the door announcing that “They did not fit!”.

Hm. I scanned the racks a bit more and found some shirts in a girl’s size 7/8 with super smooth snaps that (since the shirt was NOT Mo’s size) went from the neck to her navel. “THAT should fix the issue of ‘tight’ head holes!”, I thought and took it in for her to try on.

She agreed, took the shirt, and closed the fitting room door.

And then it started………

I think I unsnapped it before giving it to her.. I think I showed her the snaps….. I’m fairly positive I did.

But somehow….. all Hell was about to break loose.

She rejected the shirt, squealing about it being too tight. I didn’t see how that was possible, so I asked to see the shirt on her. Too late, it was off.

I should have let it go. Why didn’t I let it go??

No. I just HAD to see it on her.

Have you ever tried to wrestle a greased piglet? Into clothing?

I imagine it would have looked/felt/sounded not unlike what was about to take place.

I’m begging Marley to put on the shirt so I can see where/how it’s too tight. (Especially since sometimes she gets words mixed up like big-small/tight-loose/hot-cold/etc; she knows what they mean, but sometimes the abstract use –ie: not in direct comparison to something– mixes her up.)

My begging ended up pleading and forcing….. THIS was *the* shirt. They had them in 4 colors and they were cute and 60% off!!!!!

Lets just say that Marley got loud quick…. looking back I feel horrible.. I was determined to get her SOMETHING…ANYTHING to wear. (And, to my defense, that shirt was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute when I finally got it on her!)

Anyway— I’m wrestling my angry piglet and she is screaming bloody murder when a Kohl’s employee comes into the dressing room.

Yep. That was a first.

I stammered an apology of, “I’m sorry—she…she has autism…..”

The saleswoman replied “Oh, it’s ok– we just have to check”

/sigh/ Game over.

We got no shirts for Marley.

I paid for the rest of what we managed to grab (woot for saving $64 and only spending $8 on my debit card!) and practically raced to the car with the kids in tow.

I called Ben & let him know it was going to be a “$5 hot & ready (pizza)” kind of night.

On the way home, still frazzled from the incident in Kohl’s, I remarked to Chloë, “Seriously? Like I’d steal a kid that was FREAKING out!?”.

I must say, though, that my statement to the saleswoman came as a bit of a shock to me. Marley’s not ‘autistic’ per say.. I mean, not only will we not have a formal diagnosis until Wednesday (can.not.wait!), but even ‘on the spectrum’ I don’t feel/think she has ‘classic’ autism. Why then autism? Because it’s ‘easy’. No, everyone doesn’t know exactly what characteristics make up a diagnosis on the spectrum, but it’s ‘easier’ to blurt out since most people at least know it exists. If I said “Oh, I’m sorry, she has Aspergers”, they’d probably give me directions to the nearest health department and wonder how a child contracted such a horrible thing. Of course, therein lies the problem— how do I expect people to understand if I am not able to explain/educate them as her mom? This is yet another reason that I am so excited for Wednesday— after that, I feel like I will finally be able to say with confidence “Marley has ________. That means ______. Ways to help are ________. Doing _______ triggers her really easily.” etc. I really didn’t realize how much having a ‘word for it’ means to me… her… us…. until now.

*Oh, and funny story– one day in the car, Chloë asked me if something was ‘because of Marley’s Aspergers’. Mo piped up, “HEY! I don’t have assburgers!!” All I managed in response was “how do you know?” and she quipped, “because I didn’t eat any!!!!!”. We really couldn’t argue with that logic and thankfully pulled into the driveway a moment later.*



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