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Baltimore bound… again!

Living 3-5 hours from Baltimore, you’d think that I would have been there many times in my 28 years– they have an amazing aquarium and the inner harbor has shopping, museums, and quite a few activities for families. My first trip to Baltimore, however, was in 2009. I was a few months pregnant with Killian and Ben, his dad and I took the girls for a day trip. We went to the aquarium, rode on the dragon boats, and visited the Maryland Science Center.

The girls looking out of the aquarium into the harbor.

This year, I’ve been twice.

First in April when I took the kids on a road trip to Vermont. We stopped for an overnight in Baltimore on the way back after stopping in New Jersey to visit Carlo’s Bakery (Cake Boss). Before heading home the next morning, we went to the Inner Harbor and visited the American Visionary Art Museum (this is a must see if you have kiddos!).

At the American Visionary Art Museum

Then last week when Marley, Killian, and I went to Kennedy Krieger to meet Dr. Tierney (&Alli!) to get Marley diagnosed. I didn’t get many pics (other than in the hotel room), but it was still an interesting trip even though we weren’t able to visit the Inner Harbor again. I did find it interesting though, that the cake I made that weekend for a friend’s son was a Baltimore Orioles Baseball cap! It brought back great memories from elementary school– Johnny Oates was my substitute gym teacher and on his last day, he brought us each a signed photo card. I realized that I still had it tucked away, and as much as Baltimore is beginning to be a part of our life, baseball isn’t… so I gifted it to the birthday boy with his cake. I’m not sure who was more excited– him or his dad!




I found out yesterday that we are scheduled for our third trip this year. As I was working to finish yesterday’s post, I received a call from Dr. Deepa Menon. We are scheduled to meet her on 11/21/11. I have decided to leave Killian home with Ben while Marley and I make the trip. It was a tough decision, but Killian has been doing much better lately (allowing Ben to put him to sleep and comfort him, etc.).

I’ve been looking back through Marley’s medical records, cursing myself for being such a ‘relaxed’ mom when it came to milestones– I’m still like that, of course, but I see the value in documenting them now even if you don’t keep track of if the kiddo is ‘early’/’on time’/’late’. I’ve been looking through her seizure videos and will likely end up posting them in an entry soon just to have them all in one place.

I honestly do not know what I have done to reap such blessings as I have lately– the doctors we are meeting and the evaluations we are having done are typically not without a considerable wait and great cost.

Ten days away from more answers….


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  1. Isn’t it crazy how you can live close to major city in your own state but never really make it there? I live 45 minutes from downtown Detroit yet I’ve only been there three times in my whole life.

    And there is no need to curse yourself. You are getting the help Marley needs. That’s all that matters. I know a mom who lives in denial about her son. You don’t. You’re taking the steps needed to help not only make her life easier but also improve it. Only accolades are deserved here. ❤

  2. Cant wait to hear about your next trip. Safe travels for you and Marley 🙂


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